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Featured Product: The Pathfinder Survival Kit

Posted by Larry Catt on May 21, 2013   •   mora knives, survival gear, survival kit

A survival kit is key to emergency preparedness. “Be prepared” is a motto shared by survivalists around the world, and for good reason. These two words sum up the outlook of those who are most likely to survive in adverse situations. Those who fail to prepare a sufficient suvival kit put themselves at a distinct disadvantage, one that can result in deadly consequences.


Preparing for the unexpected is necessary for survival. Survival organizations, rescue organizers and outdoor professionals all emphasize this fact. Both bushcraft and survival experts stress the need for a survival kit and proper planning for emergency. Unfortunately, these professionals have seen what happens when people fail to prepare.

Individuals and families need at least two things to be properly prepared – a plan of action, and a survival kit. Planning involves assessing what risks are present depending on area – i.e. natural disasters – and determining what actions to take in response to each hypothetical situation. This planning should involve the whole family, and should draw upon any relevant information that is available for the area.



Survival kits are designed to help a human being survive when he or she no longer has easy access to food, water or shelter. One of the easiest ways to prepare for unexpected situations is through the purchase of quality survival gear, namely a survival kit. Survival kits come in many different types, each with their own particular emphasis such as: fire starting kits, hunting kit, fishing kits, shelter kits, water purification kits, cooking kits. However, many basic emergency kits will come with much of the same standard gear, although the quality of the components will vary by manufacturer and price.

Each survival expert will likely have their own definition of a “basic” survival kit. The absolute basics of a Pathfinder Survival Kit are:

  • The Pathfinder Self Reliance Pack
  • The Pathfinder Emergency Shelter Kit
  • 1 Orange All Weather Blanket
  • 2 55 Gallon Drum Liners
  • 6 ABS Tent Stakes
  • 75 feet of #36 Bankline
  • Pathfinder Fire Steel
  • The NEW Micro Inferno
  • Mora Companion MG Knife
  • The Pathfinder 32oz. Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Bottle & Stainless Steel Cup
  • Roll of the #36 Bankline
  • Orange Cotton Bandana
  • Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp
  • Hard case for the Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp
  • Size 14 Sail Needle
  • Silva Guide Compass
  • Aquamira Frontier Pro Filter
  • Wind Storm Safety Whistle
  • 1.88″ x 12 yard roll of Gorilla Tape®

Each element of The Pathfinder Basic Survival Kit is not included by mistake and is designed to assist with survival in almost any situation. The basics of any emergency kit should include equipment for fire starting, hunting, cooking, fishing, water purification and shelter.


The best of survival kits and a basic understanding of bushcraft are no substitute for good planning, but they will certainly help. Survival tools should be a mainstay in every household, and in every vehicle and hiking pack. Keeping these tools easily available is simply a clear-eyed acceptance that sometimes, things go wrong. When they do, it pays to be prepared. If you aren’t prepared yet, get prepared today with a Pathfinder Basic Survival Kit and rest easy.

The Pathfinder Store has survival guides that can assist in putting together your survival kit such as: Shelter, Fire, Water, Improvised Hunting Weapons, Wilderness First Aid and Signaling For Rescue. There’s even a survival guide available for “Building a Survival Kit” written by David Canterbury himself.

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