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Best Survival Knife for 2018

Posted by Larry Catt on March 05, 2018   •   mora knives, survival gear, survival knife

Survival can be a very complicated thing. There seems to be a roadblock in thinking when choosing a survival knife. You know, it is not like every survival situation will be in the woods. While it is very convenient to assume that what you will need to do is process wood, build shelter and the like, we should also consider the fact that survival an be in an urban environment as well.

In such a case you might find that the right knife has several tools. Perhaps a Swiss Army knife with a good blade and some tools would get you further than a single fixed blade knife. More people live in urban environments than anywhere else. What do you fear in terms of survival?

If you are an adventurer then the standard fixed blade knife will make sense. A survival knife should meet certain criteria, but it should also be a tool that is going to help you when you need it most. As you read about the knives mentioned below, it is important that you consider these things.

Mora Companion

  • Best in Value
  • Quality Tool
  • Sheath

Mora CompanionWhen we talked about the value knives that are available on this list, there are none better than the Mora Companion. Mora has created the most reputable value survival knife on the market, period. There is nothing that compares to it at this price point.

The durable, high-quality Swedish steel is razor-sharp and designed for survival applications. While Mora Knives has been in the knife making industry for over 100 years, they really hit the mark with the Companion. For the great price you also get a plastic sheath that attaches to your belt.

If you are on a modest budget, there is no answer out there better than the Mora Companion.

Tool Logic SL Pro 2

Tool Logic SL Pro 2Now, many people in the survival community scoff at these all in one design. Again, this goes back to the urban survivor. What the urban survivor might need is much different than what the wilderness emergency might require. The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 is a great way of answering that call.

This 3 inch folding blade does not fit the bill for many survival uses but its what it does beyond the blade that makes it stand out. The Tool Logic SL Pro 2 has several features built into it.

  • Flashlight
  • Survival Whistle
  • Magnesium Alloy Firestarter

The knife also clips to your belt for ease of carry and use. This tool gives you the light in a power outage, fire if heat or cooking is an issue and you can also signal for help in a situation where it is required.

While this blade by Tool Logic is not your average survival knife and doesn’t fit the norms, it can be very effective an urban survival situation in your area.

Victorinox Centurion

Victorinox CenturionCarrying the sturdy fixed blade knife is important, but who is it to say that you can only carry one knife? How foolish an idea that we must choose one knife in an age of design and access like this one. There are so many great options out there, don't limit yourself.

Most people will give you the nod when it comes to carrying a multi tool on your person. It just makes good sense. Well, the Victorinox is a classic Swiss Army style knife. It comes with loads of tools and a 4 inch locking blade. That’s a pretty impressive size for a multi tool.

Here is a look at what this knife offers beyond the blade.

  • Screwdrivers
  • A wire stripper
  • A reamer
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Tweezer
  • Key ring
  • Toothpick

If you are looking for a few more tools to carry on your person, the Victorinox is a great option!

SRT (Self Reliance Tool) by Habilis Bushtools

SRT (Self Reliance Tool) by Habilis BushtoolsLet's talk about wilderness survival! Let's talk about going all out for what you love. The SRT by Habilis Bushtools is a high dollar knife that hits all the high-notes when you talk about a quality survival knife for the wilderness. If bushcraft is your thing and wilderness survival is what gets you going this knife is worth looking at.

  • Full Tang
  • 90 Degree Spine
  • 5inch Blade
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Strike with Flint
  • Non Coated

The above listed are those things you need a knife to do at The Pathfinder School. These requirements are all met by the SRT. You will find that this knife is hard to beat and it’s a work of art from the standpoint of craftsmanship.

These beautiful handmade knives are designed for people who take survival seriously.

Bush One by Jeff White

Bush One by Jeff WhiteThe Bush One is a smaller version of the Bush Knife, but don't let size fool you, this a very effective knife. These knives are also handmade but at a price point that most everyone will be able to afford. Being that they are made by hand there might be some small differences between models. However, the particulars will hold true.

The Bush One by Jeff White is a beautiful, maple handled knife with a 4 ½ high carbon steel cutting blade on it. This knife is built to take on the wilderness but at a price that only the Garberg can really stand up to. The full tang, scand-ivex grind means you have a knife that is sharp as a razor and able to take the beating you might exact on it in the wild.

This is a knife you can afford to scuff up and come back to time and time again. It’s the best value on the list.


When you consider how close you will hold this knife and what it will be responsible for, it's easy to understand why these knives are so important. It is also easy to understand why they cannot be one size fits all.

Emergency and disaster can happen anywhere, it is not just about having the knife that rules the woods or the knife that meets the needs of an urban survivalist. Keep this personal. Seek the knife that both fits your budget and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You should be proud of that knife you carry!

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