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Pocket Hunter A Comprehensive Look at Design and Use ()
  • Pocket Hunter A Comprehensive Look at Design and Use

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  1. looks good, haven't tried using it yet will let you know

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2014

    Same as above

  2. Inserts on shaft needs stronger glue

    Posted by Kenneth Ablack on 26th Oct 2014

    I bought the three piece take down arrow and used it a few times and when i shot it out of my pocket hunter at a tilapia the screw in insert on the shaft with the fishing tip on it came loose came loose and I lost that section of the arrow and my tilapia. On checking the other two screw in pieces I was able to pull out the screw in adapters from the shafts. I guess they were not glued in properly. I think I will try the one piece arrows from now.

  3. ok

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2013

    you have to take my hand to lock it tends to slip out of the sling

  4. Works great!

    Posted by Molon Labe on 16th Sep 2013

    This arrow is made from really good material (carbon) and the 3 pieces screw in perfectly...

    Shot it a few times and it works flawlessly!

    Thank you Pathfinder...

Three Piece Take Down Fishing Arrow


Product Description

Three Piece Take Down Fishing Arrow

 This three piece take down bowfishing arrow was developed by The Pathfinder School to break down into three pieces for easy storage along with your Pocket Hunter in a small pack.  The arrow has a nock, carbon shaft, is made with our aluminum Break Down Arrow Inserts, and comes with a removable Pathfinder Bowfishing Tip.  They also come with a safety slide and 20 feet of Bankline.  It can be used for bowfishing with any longbow, recurve bow, compound bow, or your Pocket Hunter


  • 1 arrow per package
  • carbon arrow shaft
  • aluminum inserts, Pathfinder Fishing Tip - aluminum
  • longest piece approximately 11 ¾ inches
  • overall length without tip is 31 5/8”
  • 500 7.3 GPI rating