Self Reliance Outfitters™ Store Staff

Providing quality customer service and top-notch gear to our valued customers, our store staff is made up of people who care about your needs and are willing to assist you in whatever way possible.

jimmy.jpgJim Canterbury
Store Manager, Director of Sourcing, and Co-Owner

Jim leads the Self Reliance Outfitters™ Store in product development; from the design, to concept, to the completed product, and merchandising, being our main purchasing agent for the store's vast product lines. He oversees the daily operations of the store, such as the shipping department. He drives the team in striving to provide quality products and service as well as affordability, staying true to the common man, from the beginner to the seasoned outdoorsman! Jim is also Dave's father.

email:  /  phone: 317.791.8777


cfo2.jpgJamie Canterbury
Chief Financial Officer and Co-Owner

Jamie, Dave's brother, is the CFO, managing the finances along with other duties. His duties include: dealing with legal responsibilities and contracts, third party licensing agreements, branding, "big box store" dealer pricing, OEM opportunities for Pathfinder Branded merchandise, trade show and appearance bookings, and scheduling the corporate events and private classes that are held through out the year.

Certified Level 2 Archery Instructor by USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association

email:  /  phone: 317.869.8098


sonj.jpgSonja Canterbury
Office Manager

Sonja handles daily book keeping, customer service, product warranty/refunds and duties associated with administration of the store. She is also the President of  the National Pathfinder Youth Organization. Sonja is Dave's mother.

email:  /  phone: 317.791.8777



larry.jpgLarry Catt
Ecommerce & Wholesale Manager

He manages and maintains the companies website along with the companies Social Media. In addition, he co-manages some of the day to day business operations and oversees the wholesale dealer program. Larry is also Dave's cousin.


  email:  /  phone: 317.672.2611



James Wahls
Retails Sales

James, heads up our retail sales, including both our Indiana Store & phone orders. If you have questions or concerns about your order, James will be happy to assist you. He is also a 2013 graduate of the Basic Survival Training Course at The Pathfinder School. He has also started his Pathfinder Phase 1 Certification Course.

 email:  /  phone: 317.791.8777


phil.jpgPhil Coneybeer
Shipping and Manufacturing

Phil works in pulling and packing orders as well as working with Jim in manufacturing. Phil is a long-time friend of the family, having worked alongside Jim for many years. He and his wife Kris are considered a part of the family.




kris.jpgKris Coneybeer
Publications & Newsletter

Kris, Phil's beloved wife, writes the Pathfinder Monthly E-Newsletter. She also assists the store in being part of the team at the various shows and special events.





Devin Catt
Shipping & Manufacturing

Devin works in manufacturing products and assisting in shipping & receiving. He is a beginner outdoorsman and continues to seek knowledge of outdoor self-reliance. He is a freshman at Harrison College, working on his Criminal Justice degree with plans of becoming a Federal Law Enforcement Agent. Devin is also Larry's youngest son.




andrew-c.jpgAndrew Catt
Graphic Design

Andrew, Larry's oldest son, handles the graphic design work for the Pathfinder School and Store. His other duties included assisting in website maintenance and video media. One of his goals is to complete training at The Pathfinder School in outdoor self-reliance. He has started his training by presently doing the Pathfinder Phase 1 Certification Course.  He is currently a college student.