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Pocket Hunter Review Smokey Mountain Knife Works Edition ()
  • Pocket Hunter Review Smokey Mountain Knife Works Edition

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  1. pocket hunter Adaptater

    Posted by Patricia furio on 16th Nov 2014

    Merci pour ce produit compact, simple à utilisrer et très pratique , je conseille ce produit pour les fans de chasse et de pêche.
    Merci à pathfinder pour ce produit.

  2. Love it could not be happier with it

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2014

    Took 10 seconds to install bought 3 arrows very accurate sight down the shaft it great sunk a field arrow in to a dead oak tree 3 inches

  3. Instant Archer

    Posted by Samuel on 14th Apr 2014

    I ordered the Pocket Hunter Adapter for my Marksman Slingshot, and it was an easy, no brainer to connect it... And that included replacing the bands that came with it. I really like the fact it came with a second band too. This set up is so easy, I shot my first arrow and it was right next to the bullseye! Thank you guys for this system, I will be getting another one soon for my survival kit. Yep, this one is staying out so I can keep having fun.

  4. Hitting the target straight out of the box!

    Posted by Marty Weaver, N.C. on 27th Mar 2014

    This thing is a lot of fun. I was on target right out of the box at 10 yards. With the standard bands, I got an average of 7 inches of penetration into a Styrofoam archery target. With the heavy bands around 10 inches, both with an aluminum arrow and field tip. Was still able to hit the target as far back as 18 yards first time around. Should get even more accurate as the bands get broke in. This would be an awesome weapon for a Zombie Apocalypse!

  5. Its that easy

    Posted by Chris Leighton on 18th Sep 2013

    I have owned the marksman sling shot since the 80's. When the package arrived (very quick shipping btw) I grabbed the sling shot and a few arrows and headed to the back yard. I bolted it on and started slinging arrows, it was that easy. Loading the arrows and deciding how to pull the string back took about 15 minutes to get used to. After that I was nailing the target regularly.

  6. One of the best thing i've ever bought for survival...

    Posted by Molon Labe on 16th Sep 2013

    One of the best thing i've ever bought for survival...

    I've seen a lot of people using it on Youtube when I decided to try it by myself... It is incredible... Good quality and easy to install!

    You can hunt with arrows and you can bowfish with it and still can use the original purpose of the slingshot, by shooting BBs with it.

    Making it one of the best tool for survival or any SHTF scenarios.

    Thank you PathFinder!

  7. Pocket Hunter Adapter

    Posted by Michael Califf,Sr. on 16th Sep 2013

    This was purchased to create another Slingbow with a Marksman slingshot I recently purchsed. And as backup for the one I alr3eady have.

  8. Pocket Hunter Adapter

    Posted by Michael Califf,Sr. on 16th Sep 2013

    This was purchased to create another Slingbow with a Marksman slingshot I recently purchsed. And as backup for the one I alr3eady have.

  9. Pocket Hunter Adpter

    Posted by Michael Califf,Sr. on 16th Sep 2013

    This was what I ordered and arrived in good condition and in a nice little cloth pouch,a nice free addition.

  10. Great Product.

    Posted by A.R. on 3rd Sep 2013

    I bought this on a whim after watching the products development over the years on youtube. This thing rocks, fits anywhere in your pack. My daughter is eight and managed to get a fish with it. She can't quite get a full draw on it yet, but that's not the products fault. She has twigs for arms. For the price you can beat the functionality of the product. So many different uses, be it fishing, hunting, or just hitting targets in the yard. Will be buying a second one.

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Pocket Hunter Adapter


Product Description

Pocket Hunter Adapter
The Pathfinder School’s Pocket Hunter!
This patented product was uniquely designed to convert a standard Marksman #3040 Model slingshot, (not included) into a compact hunting tool capable of shooting standard size arrows for fishing and hunting game.  The Pocket Hunter was designed to provide a sleek, compact, lightweight, and efficient hunting unit that can folded and easily carried in a backpack, bug out bag, survival kit, or even on your belt.  Use your Pocket Hunter and the fishing spool to bowfish with.  Remove the adapter and use the slingshot with standard hunting bands to capture potential food sources and ensure your sustainability.  The Pathfinder Pocket Hunter is the hottest in survival gear.

At a closer look, you will clearly see the smooth surfaces, the rounded edges, and rounded tips of the arrow rest, the 3 distinct sighting locations, thus allowing the hunter to hold the Pocket Hunter at an angle and still be able to accurately site the intended target.

The Pathfinder School recognized that carrying standard size arrows in your pack would be inconvenient, if not possible, that is why the Pathfinder 3 piece Take Down Arrows (sold separately) are a perfect complement to the Pocket Hunter.  With a 28-30lb pull at a 28 inch draw, the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter and 3 Piece Take Down Arrows are the ultimate in survival tools.  The Pocket Hunter Adapter will fit the Pathfinder Slingshot.

Link to step-by-step instructions for using your Pathfinder Pocket Hunter.


Safety Instructions:

When using the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter, always be mindful of ricochet and always wear protective eye-gear. Before each shot, inspect the hunting bands for wear, brittleness, tears, or other signs of wear or breaking.  Replace damaged or worn bands immediately!   Do not use the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter until all these safety guidelines are met first!

**Do not dry fire the pocket hunter or shoot steel shot, rocks, etc. without taking the adapter off first!

Pocket Hunter Adapter comes with:

  • Pocket Hunter Adapter with fishing spool and cap.
  • Standard Hunting Band (28-30lb at 28” draw), leather pouch with Paracord installed.
  • 1 extra Hunting Band, leather pouch with Paracord.
  • Instructions for use.
Due to customs restrictions the following countries will not allow importing of this item: UK, Germany, and Australia.
Please check with your countries customs regulations before ordering.

Cannot ship to the state of New Jersey.

 These are illegal to hunt with in the state of Florida.