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  1. Just as advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Dec 2014

    Just as advertised

  2. I've replaced paracord

    Posted by Adam on 20th Oct 2014

    This is my first time using bank line and I'm sold. This stuff is incredible and has completely replaced paracord. It's so much cheaper and compact. I haven't used any other bank line but I can't find a single fault in this stuff or anything I wish it could do better. I have noticed a very slight amount of tar residue come off on some things so don't hang your Sunday clothes up to dry on it but we're in the woods after all right? Absolutely incredible product.

  3. Heavy Bank Line No 36

    Posted by Edof Oz on 5th Aug 2014

    This is a good quality product that works well for tarp set-ups and general household use. It has a tar smell about it when it's new but if you leave the roll outside for a few days it goes.

    I use it for camp in small hank rolls of about 4m. This gives me ease of use and being all the same short length I know how many hanks I will need. It also eliminates the tangle factor... Easy to join the hanks together is needed (tent peg).

    Great product at a reasonable price, even though postage to Australia bumps up the cost a bit... Good quality product.

  4. Good stuff.

    Posted by Matt on 25th Jul 2014

    Just as described.

  5. Great product great price

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2014

    Always great experience with the pathfinder store.

  6. No. 36 Bank Line

    Posted by Richard Sitz on 12th Jun 2014

    Excellent product. It is "tough"! You can come up with dozens of uses for this from fishing line to general bush craft and prep projects. If you haven't tried it before...buy it.

  7. Not all tarred lines are equal

    Posted by Dalton on 27th May 2014

    I already use tarred line for my fish lines. And it comes in handy for just about anything you need. I bought your tarred line and was surprised at how much better quality of line it was than others I have used. The difference in some, like Wal-Marts, is just amazing. This really is truly good quality bank line. And you know you can always count on it in the bush or any situation you give it to handle. Good bank line is worth its weight in gold in a true survival situation. Buy this line and quit worrying about cordage.

  8. This is the goos stuff!

    Posted by Roy Osborne on 2nd May 2014

    This was my first time using bank line. It is amazing stuff. It's strong, tacky, and holds knots well. Actually, it hold knots so well, you better make sure you tie them correctly the first time, especially if it's a small knot such as those for making a fish hook. I purchased it to use at the Intermediate Course and a life long friend of mine brought the bank line from another source. His stuff did not have the tar smell and simply was not as good. He was regretting his decision. Whether your buying this for a course or your personal use, this is one product you definitely want to buy from Dave. He has gone out of his way to make sure he's offering a high quality product.

  9. Strong

    Posted by Roy Brewster on 22nd Apr 2014

    Very strong for its size, has tons of survival uses. Any survivalist knows the value of rope and/or string.

  10. #36 Bank Line - One Pound Roll

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2014

    Probably the thing I like best about #36 bank line is how stiff and tangle-free it is. Kernmantle nylon cord of the same diameter with similar characteristics is many times more expensive, and I suspect bank line has more long-term durability due to its tar content. This line smells like tar and is slightly sticky with it, but even so tar does not rub off on the hands. Although diameter is fairly thin, this is a 3-ply miniature rope which holds knots well but is easy to untie. I do not believe there is a better cord than bank line for any application within the range of its tensile strength.

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No.36 Bank Line - 1lb. Roll


Product Description

Tarred Nylon Twine - 1 lb. spool contains approximately 510 linear feet with a 340 lb. breaking strength. This twine is especially black treated and dried before it's put on a reusable plastic spool. It has many advantages over twine treated by "spool dunking." It is uniformly and deeply coated from one end to the other - no "zebra stripes" or tar globs to come off on your hands. It's dry, easy-to-tie, and holds knots well.