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  1. It may be good for charcloth

    Posted by Blair on 18th Dec 2014

    Cotton shrinks. I get it. I ordered two of these bandanas - one tan and one OD. This rating is for the tan bandana only. Because of my experience with the tan bandana I can't give a meaningful review of the OD one. Before using or doing anything other than measuring them (yes, the unwashed dimensions are approximately as described on the website), I washed both bandanas - cold water wash and rinse in with a medium load of dark, well-used clothing, tumble-dried on permanent press setting..

    Both the OD and the tan are labeled "Made in China." Both shrunk down to approximately 19"x20-1/2", which is acceptable.

    Apparently they were made in different factories. The OD bandana came out of the dryer intact. It was seamed with a surger. The tan bandana came out of the dryer with frayed seams on two sides. The seams on this one were rolled and secured with a simple running stitch. Three corners had come undone, and two sides (opposite each other) were badly frayed over half their length.

    Serious quality control issues here, folks.

  2. What else do you want.

    Posted by Blair on 17th Oct 2014

    Its a simple Bandanna. Not as nice as other ones i've had but it will do its job for filtering water and whatever else i find a use for. Stays in my pack at all times and should make nice charcloth if need be.

  3. not what i saw on you tube

    Posted by David Tunison on 19th Aug 2013

    Dave Canterbury discussed having a 3'x3' bandana for various reasons. I ordered the Orange as suggested. It sure is small!!!!! NOT 3'x3'

  4. Average

    Posted by Dan on 12th Aug 2013

    Not much to report on, size of the item is good just wish the cotton was heavier

  5. Good quality

    Posted by Shane French on 3rd Aug 2013

    These bandannas are not the cheapies you buy at Walmart and can see light through. Thick enough for use as a dishrag and other camp chores. I will be buying a couple more.

Cotton Bandannas


Product Description

Cotton Bandanna - 21" x 21" (1.75' x 1.75'). Avaiable in: Orange, OD Green, Khaki, & Black