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Camp Cookery 1 SS Canteen Available NOW!~ ()
  • Camp Cookery 1 SS Canteen Available NOW!~
  • Dave Canterbury Pathfinder School / Canteen Shop Canteen Cookset Review
  • Dave Canterbury Canteen Cooking Set

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    Posted by Norman Vieira on 30th Oct 2014

    My dog and I just finished 18 days in the Cohutta Wilderness of N. Georgia ( not bad for a soon to be 67er)I put the Canteen Cook Set through a very stringent 2 1/2 wks. Two years ago I became quite ill from ,most likely, Bad Water even though I used chemical treatment purchased at wally world. Since that time I use only potable or boiled water. This cook set boiled my water for 15 of the 18 days No leaks ,easy to clean, extremely easy to carry on belt or shoulder sling , due to the curvature . Cooking was great since my Trangia fit perfectly. Eliminates the need to carry a separate cook set. I would recommend this to be a "no brainer" item for everyone , even if you keep it in your vehicle for emergencies.

  2. Best Canteen Cook Set I've Found!

    Posted by M. & A. Pierce on 29th Oct 2014

    We're very pleased with the quality & versatility of this set. We added the Pathfinder Bottle Hanger & Pathfinder Canteen Cup Lid to it, as well as an alcohol stove & flint & steel. We take it everywhere with us. I'm a 56 year old woman, have livestock, & spend most of my time outdoors. Our winters are extremely harsh & this set could easily end up being a life saver. I've tried out & shared these great outdoor products with friends & family, & I'm looking forward to purchasing & sharing many more Pathfinder Products based on the quality & usefulness of this one.

  3. Absolutely Awesome

    Posted by George Shaw on 26th Oct 2014

    I've carried a lot of gear in my day but this canteen cook set is probably the best I've ever carried. Other than the fact that its a bit heavier in the pack or on the belt. It is rugged almost bomb proof the canteen cleans with ease due to the wide mouth. The stove works well with wood, esbit, candles or any other fuel you put under it. The only thing more I could want in this kit would be a lid for the cup..

  4. To pretty to use.

    Posted by Down range. on 15th Oct 2014

    Not much more to say that has not already been said.Dear father,forgive me I have sinned,because I stole this kit.Should have paid more for it.Enough said.

  5. Great!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2014

    This kit is great! Mr. Canterburry professes about steel containers for the purpose of being able to sanitize water without the need for additional containers. This product is the epitome of that concept. The only gripe I have is the cover, the stitching on one of the side pockets came undone. But, this could have been from forcing a square container in it and therefore, ripping it. Also, the canteen when full of water is very cumbersome when trying to use it on a regular belt. However, I did not purchase this kit for the cover, I got it for the contents. The Additional note, the pockets on the side of the bag are just big enough for Altoids containers.

  6. The Widemouth Canteen

    Posted by David La Haise Jr. on 9th Sep 2014

    Great Canteen Set. Especially with the widemouth bottle it make filling it a breeze. And I use every time I go hiking. And like Dave says the only way to kill the on board germs is by boiling the water.

  7. A++

    Posted by Eddie on 8th Sep 2014

    One Amazing canteen! Excellent quality! Shipped quick... and I'd recommend this thing to any outdoors person!

  8. Well made

    Posted by David Drum on 17th Jul 2014

    Bought the ss canteen cup stove, lid and bottle hanger.They are well made, but a little heavy when full of water. The canteen cup has painted measurements on the side of the cup, so be careful when cleaning, especially with sand if you need these measurements. The canteen bag is big enough to hold everything safely. The two side pouches on the bag are nice, but more Velcro is needed as small objects can fall out. So far it looks like you get what you pay for. Good products.

  9. Last canteen you'll ever buy !!

    Posted by dan rundell on 9th Jul 2014

    Well made piece of gear... I've used Nalgene bottles or camel back bladders for several years now . Being able to boil water in a pinch was the main reason I went with this set-up. Very happy with the quality and the price. The stove is great and works like a champ...forgot how much better water tastes in a metal container ! Only critique is the cheesy little bungee around the top of the pouch .... its useless.

  10. Good, solid canteen set

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jul 2014

    This canteen set is great for me. I'm 1,95 m tall with big, strong hands. This set does not feel flimsy to me. It is a good, solid piece that will withstand heavy use (and probably misuse) well. It holds a good sized portion of liquid and the bag has room for a few extra kit items. The shape actually makes it good to carry on your hip or on the outside of a pack. It doesn't flop about much and stays where you put it. I would not put small stuff in the side pockets of the bag though. The pockets are closed off by just a flap, so small stuff might fall out through the leftover opening between pocket and cover flap. But bigger items should be no problem.

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Canteen Cooking Set


Product Description

Canteen Cooking Set

Whether you are a causal hiker, a hunter, a prepper, an extreme outdoor enthusiast, or serving a tour of duty in the jungles of Peru, you are 1 mechanical injury away from finding yourself in a real survival situation.
Let's face it, at that point, your 2 primary concerns are always going to be hydration and core temperature regulation, that is why this kit is a MUST HAVE in your pack. The Pathfinder Widemouth Military Canteen
Cooking Kit was designed so the canteen will nest inside the cup along with the stove for convenient and compact storage. Not all containers are created equal, and in a survival situation, unless your container can
withstand direct fire for the purposes of boiling/disinfecting water, the effects of water borne pathogens are quickly going to add to your list of troubles. Continuing to raise the bar, The Pathfinder School has developed the ONLY widemouth stainless steel military canteen on the market today. The widemouth design of this canteen allows you to easily obtain water from the shallowest of water pools, which will help conserve precious calories and energy that can be used to aid in your rescue or to affect your own self-rescue. The nesting cup has a foldable handle that securely fastens the stove to the cup when not in use and has measurementgraduations on the inside.

In addition, with every Canteen Cooking Set sold $1 will be donated to the National Pathfinder Youth Organization.

Set Includes:

  • 39oz Widemouth Stainless Steel Canteen
  • 25oz Stainless Steel Nesting Cup
  • Stainless Steel Canteen Nesting Stove
  • Lightweight Canteen Bag


  • Pathfinder Canteen Kit Awesome Attributes:
  • 304 Stainless Steel (.5mm-.6mm thick)
  • 39oz Widemouth Canteen (the ONLY widemouthstainless
  • steel military canteen available)
  • ABS lid with 100% full coverage silicone seal
  • 25oz Nesting Cup

Canteen Stove:

  • Set nested together dimensions: 5 ¼“ long, 3 ½“ wide, 8 ¼“ tall
  • Canteen w/cap on dimensions: 5 ¼ " long, 3 ½”wide, 8 ¼" tall
  • Nesting Cup dimensions: 5 ¼" long, 3 ½ wide, 4 ¼" tall, width with handle extended 7”
  • Nesting Cup graduations: 16oz, 20oz, 25oz and 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 700ml
  • Stove: 5 ¼” long, 3 ½” wide, 3 ¼” tall