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Pocket Hunter Review Smokey Mountain Knife Works Edition ()
  • Pocket Hunter Review Smokey Mountain Knife Works Edition

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  1. Fun if not a little clunky.

    Posted by Eric on 13th Nov 2014

    great fun for anyone with experience with a bow or wrist rocket. somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to loading the arrows.

  2. Holey Band

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    I like the product and the tension/power with the bands. It beats local deals that don't have the same package. However, mine came with 2 small pin holes on the band near the attachment to the frame. I could not tell it had holes until I drew back on the slingshot. Now off to the store to buy more bands.....otherwise I would have rated a 5.

  3. Versatile

    Posted by Jose Luis on 28th May 2014

    I was eager to have one of these to use arrows. I
    completely satisfied in their construction and

  4. the pocket hunter

    Posted by jim on 6th May 2014

    I recently purchased the pocket hunter through amazon . The box from out side was crunched and. The plastic box that held the pocket hunted was ripped open and the arm rest was broken and the sling bands wer wore down and the pooches was,not wide enough to put your arrow in . That my objective view when I received this product . No of course I could mot send it back because the box that came in with was ripped and crunched . I then threw it out . I emediatley ordered one from the path finder store and what a diffrence the box was was in a great shape and the bands were tight and slightly thicker and the poch in came with was wider and easer to the arrow and plus it comes with fishing spool . Again buy it at path finder school where they want to sell you quality in stead of assembly line which is made in China. Super staff and they answere all your questions donot shop anywhere else for your survial needs.

  5. love the pocket hunter... very good quality

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2014

    The pocket hunter is a good product at a very fair price... the bands that come with the unit are plenty strong for most of my shooting

  6. great for me and my son a very good system and great for the money

    Posted by jeremiah maxwell on 4th Mar 2014

    i love this product I saw dave on youtube after seeing him on dual survivor I like the pathfinder system and saved my money for two sling bows and they work just as I thought just great my son is nine and we have worked on archery for almost three years off and on this is his fourth bow we are going to eventuly bow huint with the sling bows thank you so much for the price and the quality of the product

  7. Pathfinder for the Norwegian outfitters

    Posted by Espen on 15th Feb 2014

    Solid slingbow, maybe a whisker biscuit will be ordered.
    The 9,5mm nickel plated rounds do the job with the
    Pathfinder pocket hunter.
    It`s added to my fishing gear.

  8. I would take this with me before a bow

    Posted by disarr tirol on 6th Feb 2014

    This is a GREAT TOOL. It is much more accurate than I could have imagined and at a greater distance. I would take this over a bow. It is faster to use it is PLENTY accurate and powerful for smallish game that is usually available in abundance. It is fast to get on target it is easy to keep draw weight while aiming, it is small, light easy to pack. With a couple of extra rubber bands I just don't think you can go wrong. Younger or smaller family members enjoy it more than a bow. You will practice with it more than a bow...and if need be ..it becomes a sling shot again in a matter or seconds so you can scoop up some pebbles and keep going. I hope they keep developing ideas like this. At the cost of a box of shells you can add this to your kit for an easy to maintain, quiet, multi use tool with and endless supply of rocks and reusable arrows. GREAT DEAL. And it is always a pleasure to do business with this family. Thank you all.

  9. awesome survival item

    Posted by kaz on 7th Jan 2014

    ordered the pocket hunter. took it out back when it arrived and i was putting arrows in the bullseye at 15 yards within the first 5 shots.set it up for fishing, used a plastic 2 liter bottle as a target, bam every time at about 20 feet.i modded my bands, cut them about a inch shorter and love them now for my draw. i plan on shooting it for fun. otherwise itll be in my bob. it may or may not be legal to hunt with here where i live. but, if im grabbing my bob im not to worried at that point!

  10. No Skills Required

    Posted by Michael Carey on 22nd Nov 2013

    Having essentially never used a slingshot before (perhaps as a kid, but I'm pushing 70 years young, so if I did I don't remember) and having only shot a bow once (I missed the target and never found the arrow), I found this brilliant device ingeniously simple. I hit the target first time, every time. This is the perfect item to include in a bug out bag, for hunting small game and even personal protection. I highly recommend it.

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Basic Pathfinder Pocket Hunter


Product Description

Basic Pathfinder Pocket Hunter

The Pathfinder School's Pocket Hunter!

This patented product was uniquely designed to convert a standard Marksman #3040 Model slingshot into a compact hunting slingshot capable of shooting standard size arrows for fishing and hunting. The Pocket Hunter was designed to provide a sleek, compact, lightweight, and efficient hunting unit that can folded and easily carried in a backpack, bug out bag, survival kit, or even on your belt. Use your Pocket Hunter and the fishing spool to bowfish with. Remove the adapter and use it as a slingshot with standard hunting bands to capture potential food sources and ensure your sustainability. The Pathfinder Pocket Hunter is the hottest in survival gear.


At a closer look, you will clearly see the smooth surfaces, the rounded edges, and rounded tips of the arrow rest, the 3 distinct sighting locations, thus allowing the hunter to hold the Pocket Hunter at an angle and still be able to accurately site the intended target.


The Pathfinder School recognized that carrying standard size arrows in your pack would be inconvenient, if not possible, that is why the Pathfinder 3 piece Take Down Arrows (sold separately) are a perfect complement to the Pocket Hunter. With a 28-30lb pull at a 28 inch draw, the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter and 3 Piece Take Down Arrows are the ultimate in survival tools.


Link to step-by-step instructions for using your Pathfinder Pocket Hunter.




Safety Instructions:


When using the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter, always be mindful of ricochet and always wear protective eye-gear. Before each shot, inspect the hunting bands for wear, brittleness, tears, or other signs of wear or breaking. Replace damaged or worn bands immediately!Do not use the Pathfinder Pocket Hunter until all these safety guidelines are met first!

**Do not dry fire the pocket hunter or shoot steel shot, rocks, etc. without taking the adapter off first!


Kit Includes:


  • Marksman #3040 slingshot.
  • Pocket Hunter Adapter with fishing spool and cap.
  • Standard Hunting Band (28-30lb at 28” draw), leather pouch with Paracord installed.
  • Instructions for use.


Due to customs restrictions the following countries will not allow importing of this item: UK, Germany, Ireland, and Australia. Please check with your countries customs regulations before ordering.

Cannot ship to the state of New Jersey.


Please check local hunting laws and regulations.

These are illegal to hunt with in the state of Florida.