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  1. Great "compact" lens!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2014

    This magnifying lens is an awesome addition to any fire-starting kit. Comes with a protective pouch and it really works. When the sun is shining and there's a cold night ahead, you'll be glad to have this little gem.

  2. I like it

    Posted by Bob on 10th Sep 2014

    Strong enough to get the job done, but small enough to stash in a metal tin for your fire kit and take up almost no space.

  3. Excellent!

    Posted by Dave on 25th Aug 2014

    Looks much bigger in the picture, it's probably only an inch or so but it works and it's size makes it conveniently carryable.

  4. read the size description

    Posted by Richard Wood on 8th Apr 2014

    Not knocking the product but like others, I just clicked and ordered it. And was a little (pun intended) surprised when unpacking. But there seems to be no issues with the performance.

  5. Compact, Powerful, & Durable magnifier.

    Posted by Jeff on 27th Mar 2014

    This small and light magnifier lens came well protected in tissue paper, a ziploc plastic bag inside a cloth drawstring bag - very nice. I leave it in the wrappings it came in for scratch protection.

    I discovered it's quite durable - I dropped it on to concrete from waist height wrapped in the tissue paper.

    I focused the light beam from this lens on some dried grass in my garden and it was smoking in about 3 seconds.

  6. Nuclear power ignition!

    Posted by HMSRedbeard on 21st Mar 2014

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Small lens with great magnification. Scenario: It was a dark and stormy night... followed by a bright cloudless morning. I grind up a dead pine cone into fine grains. Form a small cone shaped pile. Adjust the focal point to the sharpest spot, then draw the lens back just a bit. Allow the sun to dry the area for about a minute or two then focus to a fine spot to start the coal. It worked for me! This is a good tool, if used well!

  7. great

    Posted by Spencer C on 18th Feb 2014

    Good for fires and reading fine print

  8. perfect size

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2014

    When I got this it was smaller than I expected, guess I didn't read the description. Fortunately this ended up being just the right size for my kit. Great lens and the bag is nice to keep it from getting all banged up. Would buy again if the need arose. Thanks pathfinder school for a good quality product at a fair price.

  9. Nice Lense

    Posted by Paul on 3rd Dec 2013

    Nice Lense, a little small but the case and the quaility makes it worth buying.

  10. fire

    Posted by james f on 7th Nov 2013

    Great lens...perfect size...awesome little pouch...made mine into necklece...thanks dave

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6x Power Magnifying Lens


Product Description

6x Power Magnifying Lens

Carry this 6x power magnifying glass lens in your fire starting kit.  


  • brown velour draw string bag.
  • Approx. 1 1/4" (34mm) in diameter
  • Aprrox. 19/64" (7.5mm) thick (at it's thickest point)