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  1. A must have for the trap line.

    Posted by Pete on 15th Jan 2014

    Am very happy with the 3" .22 adapter. I wavered back and forth between this and the longer option but I bought it for use on the trap line with my h&r single shot. It is priced right for it's limited use. I liked that I was able to switch between a hunting load and the adapter because I was able to take winged game as I checked my trap line. It took a few shots to see where it was shooting but I bought it for close range - meaning under 5 feet from target. I did take a few shots at 10 foot out and was still able to get a nice 3 shot grouping. I used Remington cyclone hollow points.

  2. Flawless performance when used as designed

    Posted by charles on 13th Jan 2014

    Let's go by the numbers.
    1) Shortlane 12ga to 22lr smoothbore adaptor.(clocked @ 6 oclock)
    2) used various rounds, hp performed the best. (w/ keyhole)
    3) Best group 15yrds small rabbit target 1 inch group.(consistantly)
    4) winchester 333 22 hp used in best group.
    Ok, now my humble opinion is that anything less than 5 star is unfair to the adaptor, and to shortlane, why?
    1)the adaptor was constructed as good as the 209. ( solid steel and perfect fit)
    2) It is NOT designed as a tack driver, it is designed as an emergeny survival/sustainment tool. It can and will put game on the table, and ad more versatility to your sustainment shotgun.
    3) this fits perfectly in the forearm of my h&r survivor stock set.
    (with 35 rounds and the 209 adaptor)
    If you are on a budget (I am) the 209 and the smoothbore will give your survival sustainment shotgun the added edge in the woods.
    If you are not on a budget and are really worried about the accuracy go for the 3 inch rifled adaptor. I could not wait.
    I truly enjoy these adaptors and what they give me.
    Do not let the chance to own these adaptors pass you by, you will not be disappointed. Be ready, be prepared for hard ammo times.

  3. Not a tack driver

    Posted by Eric on 17th Jul 2013

    This is a nice piece to add to the shooting bag. It is not rifled and accuracy is not good. At 25 yrds I could not hit a paper target. At 10 yrds, .22LR keyhole as they are tumbling in the air and are hitting approx. 2" bellow point of aim. Groupings are not that great at 4-5".

    This adapter is definitely for SHORT range shooting.

    This adapter also fits and works well in Rem 870 pump when manually breach loaded.

    The manufacturer also makes a rifled version of this adapter and I believe it would be much better than this one.

12 gauge to 22LR Adapter


Product Description

This adapter is for a single or double shot 12 gauge. Made in the USA! Made of Carbon Steel.


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