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The 209 Primer 12GA Adapter (12:59)
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  • The 209 Primer 12GA Adapter
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  1. Superb!!

    Posted by Mike Truong on 15th Dec 2014

    The ability to change the caliber of a firearm is genius!! The world is your oyster at that point!!! Superb quality at common man prices!!

  2. good decent people

    Posted by William on 30th Nov 2014

    I try to deal with companies who have a good reputation and this co. is one of the best. Their customer service is one of the best, if you have a problem they will do their best to resolve it afair manner.

  3. works GRATE !!!

    Posted by Seth/Pops Howard on 30th May 2014

    now "5 stars" just too phunny sounding , i prefer "5hatchets up!" but onward ; used this a fair amount over past few months and works excellent . i turn notch low and offest left so both ejector misses and easy to pull spent primer . ordered another 12ga and a 20ga . used winchester primers and both pyrodex RS and 777 . prefer 777 for LACK of residual smell , but both shoost GRATE . cleans easily . tomorrow LAST day of new YUCK state turkey and i plan to hunt with in the morning . 100gr powder and shot is a nice hunting load . NEF pardner 12ga modified choke . patterns very well . used viva paper towels for wadding and never seen a fireball yet . still , glad we're not in dry season :) happy shooting folks .

  4. Great stuff, alot of fun

    Posted by Todd Landtiser on 9th Apr 2014

    This thing is great, easy to use and a lot of fun.

  5. good stuph !!

    Posted by Seth/Pops Howard on 15th Feb 2014

    yes i miss spelled "stuph" , meaning BESTEST !!
    used today for a test . 3 shots 2,100grain and one , 85 grain.
    we leaned ; 100gr. has a nice KICK !! and good pattern . without standard shotgun wadding , pattern from a FULL choke approximates a standard MODIFIED choke pattern . still in all NICE SHOOTING . 85 gr less kick and that both counts are the same powder/shot loads . we used standard FF pyrodex and #6 shot . we THINK if shot is "sleeved" in a wad bag , pattern might tighten some . will be experimenting. i used VIVA paper towel wadding for experiment to use "common man" style materials . Dave's sheeps wool might well be better , but harder to come by . that said , i plan to get some wool .
    a SQUIRREL/RABBIT hunt is in my near future with this successful adapter . buy it you'll like it !!

  6. Very fun accessory

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2014

    Just got the package with the 12 gauge 209 shotgun adapter and some #110 conibear traps. Can hardly wait to the weekend when i'm going to the shooting range with a bottle of Pyrodex RS and some #5 shot. The adapter fits perfectly in my old single barrel Beretta.

  7. very cool addition to my kit

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2014

    the 209 muzzle load adapter is a very good piece of kit. easy to install, works great, removable for easy cleaning,seems sturdy enough to last for a long time.and its just plane fun to use. been working on best loads and shot size, got to be ready for spring squirrels!

  8. Holy Crap this is tons of fun!, and useful truly multipurpose.

    Posted by charles baker on 2nd Jan 2014

    I got this and waited for the weather to clear to give it a real workout.
    1) I used this exactly as Dave shows on his video,
    the adaptor performed flawlessly as shown.(yes wax paper works
    freaking great)
    2) Construction is great and the primer comes out effortlessly.
    3) I bought this as an addition for my H&R survival shotgun and It was money so well spent,that I added an "emergency"
    Pyrodex reload kit to my haversack.
    (1 prescription bottle of pyrodex rs, 1 prescription bottle of bbs,
    small tin of 209 primers,2 sheets of folded wax paper lots of shots
    & low weight)
    4) last and not least this is just pure fun that enable me to shoot as much as I want at a reasonable cost.
    Bottomline one of the very few products I have ever seen demostrated that performed exactly as demonstrated.
    If you are building a true sustainable survival shotgun you need this
    If you have a single shot shotgun and want to make it true
    multipurpose then you need this adaptor.
    Did I mention this adaptor is fun,fun,freaking fun!!!!


    Posted by Jamie Burleigh on 27th Nov 2013

    The most versatile adapter for your 12 ga.
    look at Daves videos, and learn how amazing this little piece of gear is!
    You get your money back 3 times over the first pound of shot and powder you use compared to spending 3TIMES AS MUCH ON STORE BOUGHT SHELLS!

  10. Had to order more...

    Posted by Darin Hull on 13th Nov 2013

    After watching Dave's video on the 209 primer adapter while in the midst of an ammo crisis, I decided to order one for myself and try it out. The video gives precise instructions on the load data, and by replicating, I was able to "reload" for the first time. Now I'm more self reliant, more knowledgable, and more confident that my 12 guage will serve me well if the need presents itself. I just ordered the .410 to 209 adapter for me and my son as a result. So easy.... So fun.... So self reliant!!

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12 gauge to 209 Muzzle Loader Adapter


Product Description

Adapter for 12 gauge shotgun to 209 Muzzle Loader. Made in the USA. Made of High Carbon Steel.